Saturday, Mar 7

Tallinn Express 07.3

Rulers of The Deep have been the pioneers on the forefront of Estonian dance music for close to two decades, without missing a beat. Their signature event Tallinn Express just reached its 10th anniversary and throughout the years has kept thousands of happy feet on the dance floor. After combining the event with the worlds leading club sound - Funktion One - the result has been mind-blowing. Come get a taste of this remarkable combination of sound and professionalism every first Saturday of every month. Downstairs is being held down by the legendary trio of Paul Oja, Quest and Critikal, who between them have over 30-years of experience on keeping the dancefloor full and club-goers coming back.

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🔼 Upstairs

Rulers Of The Deep

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Paul Oja

Doors open


Before 01.00 5€ / after 10€