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Friday Oct 21

Saturday Oct 22

Friday Nov 4

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Stumbled to Studio when we're looking for a interesting night out. Best ever party!

Pavils S.

I prefer 2nd floor but for my friends there is an option! The best of Tallinn for music.

Just Tanya

Amazing place. The best underground dancefloor. But please do not close the underground music around 4. In all europe the underground dancefloor is the last one. We need more time to dance :)

Diogo Coelho

Ain't no club like Studio in Tallinn.

Tommi Lipasti

Best clubbbbb in town fosho

Reelika Ting

The place to be! Awesome staff, good music and good drinks! Most definately gonna visit again :-)

Akseli Miinalainen

Next BIG thing in Club Studio

Upstairs Tech House  •   Dub Step  •   D'n'B  •   Minimal

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“World’s best Club Sound System” – DJ Magazine, Sept 2013

Downstairs R’n’B  •   Hip Hop  •   Tribal  •   Soulful

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Club Studio VIP experience

  • Entrance from VIP door (incl 5 tickets)
  • Escort to VIP area
  • Personal customer service
  • 1l bottle of hard liquor (rum, vodka etc)
  • 2 liters of soft drinks
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Club Studio Contact

+372 58 943 261
Sauna 1
Tallinn, Estonia
Fri & Sat 00:00–06:00

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